Stryn municipality is beautifully located at the end of the majestic northern fjord in the county Sogn og Fjordane. Norway is a beautiful country, and here in Stryn you can experience most of the great outdoors we are widely known for; glaciers, waterfalls, chartreuse water, and deep fjords. Relaxing for body and soul, and a great charge to your activities and experiences here in the region. Stryn Summer Ski Centre is located at Old Strynefjellsveien (RV 258) which is a national tourist trail. This road is over a hundred years, and journey across the mountains have inspired artists for many years. The road represents a window to history when roads and bridges were built by hand with absolute precision behind every stone. The road is closed from October to May. To get to Folven Camping from east you can drive this road until you come across the RV 15 (turn at Grotli), or follow RV 15 all the way across Strynefjellet.
Road trip

Stryn has a centered location in regards of communication from the south, east and north.

From Oslo (480 km): E6 north to RV15, or E18 to E16 via Valdresflya to RV15

From Bergen (300 km): E39 to RV 15

From Trondheim (430km): E6 south to RV15

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Fly till Sandane via Bergen or Oslo with Widerøe or SAS.

Sandane Airport (SDN) is located ca 79 km from Stryn.

Book Widerøe, SAS and other:

Ålesund Airport, Vigra, tlf. + 46 70 11 48 00

SAS Braathens, Vigra, tlf. 815 20 000

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SAS Braathens




From Oslo till Otta and bus till Nordfjord

From Trondheim till Otta and bus till Nordfjord

From Bergen – Voss – Myrdal – Flåm and bus till Nordfjord

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Ekspressbuss from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim (